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Meet Kennington's Director, Alan Walters

Updated: Jan 29, 2019

Learn more about the man behind Kennington's iconic prints and designs.

You are the anchor that holds Kennington down. Tell us about your history with Kennington?

I joined Kennington in 1995 as the Vice President in charge of production. Subsequently developing production sourcing in India, Kenya, the Caribbean, and Italy, producing 2+ million garments per year.

Kennington is known for their distinct prints. Tell us a bit about your design process?

I always start with our archives, as we have hundreds of prints in our collection. Then to vintage stores, tie collections, and sometimes, as with Fall 19, a paint brush.

What makes Kennington so unique? 

Fun yet wearable clothes made exclusively in living wage, WRAP-certified factories with low carbon footprints. For our current Spring/Summer collection, we are using 100% recycled yarns for two of our new product groups.

Who is the Kennington customer?

A man or woman that enjoys what they wear!

What does the near future looks like as it relates to new products/design?

Additional categories, and more attention to the Kennington woman!

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